The Harley Davidson Slot Machine

For those who live on the edge, IGT has created the Harley Davidson slot machine. This progressive jackpot brings the thrilling life of biker culture to the gaming industry, and like many IGT products, it is a high quality machine that gives a tip of the hat to its inspiration.

The Harley Davidson Slot

IGT produces different slot machines based on the limited edition Harley Davidson bikes. Not only can players be excited because of the namesake, these are also progressive slot machines, meaning the jackpots can grow incredibly large. Anytime anyone plays one of these, the jackpot increases until it is finally won. This nickel slot has a jackpot that begins at $50,000, and at one point it has even had a jackpot well over $7,000,000! As time goes on and the popularity of the machine grows, you can expect the jackpots to continue to climb.

The Harley Davidson Bonus

Jackpot winners can expect to receive a lot more than the bells, whistles and even the jackpot money; every jackpot winner also wins a Harley Davison motorcycle! The chopper that is up for grabs is the Special Edition Harley Davidson Fat Boy, a real classic from the maker. All of this comes with one of the most elaborate slot machines on the market. It includes classic biker songs accompanied by street sounds, and when a player wins, they are rewarded with motorcycle sounds that can fill the room.

The Harley Davidson slot machine is not just a niche slot game. Who would not appreciate winning a jackpot and a chopper to sounds of a motorcycle ringing through the casino? IGT has definitely created a winner in this machine, and given that it belongs to the progressive slot network, those who choose to play it may just be big winners too!