Capitalize on Slot Machine Bonus Games

When playing slots, the temptation is to go for the machines that have the highest payout. Though this seems to be logical, you may be missing out on some great play by skipping the machines that have a lower payout but offer bonuses to compensate. There are many things to consider with bonus offerings before moving onto a different machine. A site like 32Red Casino has special slots bonuses for casino players who are looking for something new and exciting. The casinos on the site release new slots each month, to there's always a quality online slot to play and win at.

When to Consider Lower Payout Slots

When you see that a machine offers a relatively low payout table, it is important to understand what bonus payouts may be offered in addition to the base prizes. Some bonuses result in free spins, and payout multipliers that can reset free spins. For learning how to claim free spins, follow and win real money. These are very important factors to consider. You must determine if the wild cards behave differently in the bonus spins and if it multiplies payouts, as is sometimes the case. Should the wild cards expand to cover an entire fixed reel through all of the spins, the payouts can grow astronomically; this is the perfect slot payout combination to look for.

Special Considerations

The number of paylines is also an important factor to consider; the more paylines, the higher the possibility of winning lines, making lower payouts worth the risk. There are also some individual machines that are notorious for having exceptional payout tables. The Microgaming slot Doctor Doctor, or the Kung Fu Monkey, are slots that are known to be high paying machines, partly because the number of layers to the games. In cases where there are two or three screen layers of play and it is difficult to decipher the payout table, it may be a good idea to attempt to play the slot a few times to estimate the type of payout that can be expected.

Players should ensure they understand the payout table and bonuses and choose their machines accordingly. When payout levels are not easy to predict, playing the game a few times might be the best measure to see whether the game is worth the investment.