Randomly Triggered Jackpots

Progressive jackpots have a normal trajectory, and if you are lucky enough to draw five of the correct symbols in one payline, you can trigger the progressive jackpots. Though this is the usual way of things, there are other ways to trigger the jackpot, and these different ways have their own advantages.

Then Random Nature

On occasion, you do not have to do anything special to tap into the jackpot network. Known as randomly triggered jackpots, some spins are randomly chosen to trigger the jackpot; they do not require a specific event or pattern on the reel to occur. The benefits of playing games where there are random jackpots are that players can play the entire sequence and not know whether or not they have a chance at the jackpot. In a five-line game, for example, if the first line did not have the symbol, players would know instantly that they could not possibly get a symbol in each line. The random nature takes this away and keeps hopes high throughout every slot play, keeping players betting.

The Fine Print

The downside to playing slots with randomly chosen jackpots is that the machines in question often have lower than average payouts. The payouts are more frequent, which in itself is a bonus, but they are unlikely to be for life-changing amounts. Some payouts are even offered on a daily basis! Though the jackpot is randomly hit, it is also important to note that the makers of the game have specified that the odds are increased with higher bets, so choose what you are betting on each spin with that knowledge in mind.

Randomly triggered jackpots help to keep the excitement of gambling alive during slot play. Be sure to know the game you are playing, maximize the bets where appropriate, and keep your fingers crossed!